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Try-It Tuesday! Little River General Store

Tuesday, August 4th, 2015

For this week’s Try-It Tuesday, we’re making it a Try-It TUBES-day!

I love a good pun.

I love a good pun.

Every Tuesday, our friends over at the Little River General Store run a rent-one-get-one-free deal on river tubes. Now that we’re right in the middle of summer, the river’s been able to take in all of that sweet, sweet sunshine and warm up to the most comfortable temperatures of the season. What better way to enjoy the warm water, sunshine, and natural beauty of the Root River than kicking back and taking a relaxing float down the river? If you’re looking for something to make your Tuesday a bit less Tuesday-like, then you can’t beat tubing on the river. It’s Bluff Country aquatherapy, and it’s good for the soul!


Canoes and Tubes, coexisting in peace and harmony.

Little River offers a couple of different ways for you to enjoy your tubing experience: there’s an around-town route, which lasts about 45 minutes, just enough to get a good mellow on. You can even rent a floating cooler tube for a cold, refreshing beverage on the water! For those of you looking for a whole afternoon of river relaxation and fun, there’s the 3 hour tour option with a return shuttle rental… just don’t go calling your tube the S.S. Minnow and we ought to be all right.

And if anybody gets that joke, congratulations! You just made my day.

Amazingly, that’s not all Little River has to offer: canoes, kayaks, and six different kinds of bikes, trikes and tandems are available to rent for you to cruise the Root River Trail, and there’s shuttle service for those, too! And for those of you who don’t think Little River sounds like a true “General Store,” then stop on in and see their Super Sports Store, with wide selection of trail gear, drinks, sunscreen, and even bikes to buy. As if that’s not enough, they’ve also got a bike shop for trailside repairs, and the famous R&M Amish Tours depart during the summer season at 10am, 1pm, and 4pm.

You want it, they probably got it!

You want it, they probably got it!

Little River General Store is another place that just says Lanesboro: it’s got everything you need to enjoy the trail and the river, as well as the local culture and history. Stop on in and give them a try, and be sure to stop in for the river tubing deal on your next Try-It Tuesday!


Deep Breaths…

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015

Whew! It’s been quite a month!

It’s gone by so quickly it almost feels like someone forgot to say “go,” but now it seems June is almost over. As we head into another month of summer fun, let’s take a moment to reflect on the June that was in 2015.

June 6 – Rhubarb Festival.


Bee-Bop-A-Ree-Bop: The Rhubarb Sisters sing in perfect harmony about the tart and tangy taste of rhubarb.

Did you know that Lanesboro is the Rhubarb Capital of Minnesota? Well, you do now, and let me tell you: I’ve never seen so much done with a humble vegetable as what went on in Sylvan Park back on June 6. The Festival (which is now so famous it even gets mentioned on TMZ) has rhubarb you can throw, wear, decorate, do art with, and in the case of one brave soul, light on fire and juggle.


Oh, and I think you could eat it, too.

Lanesboro’s love of the stalk is legendary, so be sure to clear some time in your schedule next year on the first Saturday of the month to see what all the rhubarb is about!

June 9 – Small Business Celebration

As I covered here before, Lanesboro welcomed 10 new businesses into its community on June 9th in a mass ribbon cutting. The craziest thing is, after all of the fun and the television cameras and the business owners getting down to, uh, business… we heard reports of even MORE businesses opening this summer. There must be something in the water here in Lanesboro!

June 11 – Pie and Politics
The world-famous Aroma Pie Shop in Whalan, only five miles up the road from Lanesboro, officially re-opened for the season on June 11, and there was much rejoicing. The Pie Shop has gotten its fair share of publicity in the past, so making sure it’s open is definitely a priority for the area. Besides, after biking from Lanesboro to Whalan, you deserve a sweet treat!
Additionally Lanesboro has been visited by the Minnesota Secretary of State and has been contacted by two of the local senators. It seems like this summer, everybody wants to make sure they enjoy a slice of Lanesboro, and life is sweet.

June 21 – Art in the Park
For 35 years running, Lanesboro’s Sylvan Park has played host to artists of all stripes, from sculpture and paint to food and drink. Over 90 artists were featured in this year’s Art in the Park, along with musical guests, delectable food, craft beer, and even a petting zoo for the young at heart. There’s no better way to kick off summer, honor Dads across the board, and soak in Lanesboro’s signature art & culture than to hit up Art in the Park on Father’s Day.

Art in the Park: 35 years and counting in Lanesboro’s Sylvan Park! Photo: KXLT Fox 47

but wait, there’s more!

June 26-27 – 60 Mile Garage Sale
The Root River Trail Towns, an organization made up of the nine towns that dot the Root River State Bike Trail, are capitalizing on that which binds them all together by holding a garage sale this Thursday and Friday all up and down the length of the trail. From Fountain to Houston, Rushford to Preston, Peterson to Harmony, and everywhere else in between, businesses and individuals will have their doors open to bargain hunters up and down the 60 miles of bike trail. Maybe it’s a good idea to do the shopping on your bike, that way you’ll keep from buying too much to carry back home!

This is, of course, to say nothing of the art shows, theatrical productions, variety shows, musical guests, and countless other events that happened all within the 30 days of June here in Lanesboro, Minnesota. When that sun gets hot and the legs start itching to hike and bike, make sure you head down between the bluffs and check out all of the amazing things going on right here in Lanesboro!

Celebrating Small Business

Wednesday, June 10th, 2015

Yesterday was a BIG day for Lanesboro!


Director of Tourism Eric Leitzen introduces Lanesboro’s 10 new businesses for 2015. At right: Lanesboro mayor Robin Krom. Business owners, listed from left to right: Pat Shanahan, Iron Horse; Cheryl & Rick Lamon, Cheryl’s Fabric Garden; Shanalee Knight & Brad Erwin, Beautiful Something; Peggy Toft & Sara Kohn, Back Pedal; Paul Hamann, High Court Pub; Lori Bakke, Granny’s Liquor; Caleb and Blake Lauritsen-Norby, Barn Sale Antiques; and Stephanie Davidson, Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center Outpost


On June 9th, Lanesboro welcomed TEN new members to our business community. These small businesses included everything from antiques and boutiques to breakfast and after-dinner drinks to apparel and a place to lay your head. We even had KTTC, NBC Channel 10 come down to profile the event, because it’s not every day a town of 754 has 10 new businesses open up!

KTTC Rochester, Austin, Mason City News, Weather and Sports

Things look bright for Lanesboro as we head into the brightest and most beautiful days of summer. Tomorrow, the world-famous Aroma Pie Shop re-opens for the summer in nearby Whalan, and what better way to reward yourself after a five mile bike ride than with some homemade pie? Who knows, maybe you’ll like the pie so much, you’ll want to buy the whole shop!

Fair warning: the trail will be repaired between Whalan and Peterson over the summer. You can check out the details here at the DNR website and, seeing as how you can’t keep biking east, why not bike back west to Lanesboro? Maybe you could take in a show at the Commonweal, enjoy a pampered stay at one of our historic Bed & Breakfasts, or maybe that bike ride back got you hungry again for a finedining dinner? When the sun gets hot and the bikes start rolling, there’s always something to do here in Lanesboro, Minnesota!

Lanesboro – Talent Galore!

Tuesday, February 24th, 2015

Over the Back Fence

Lanesboro is well known for an abundant arts scene, usually having more things to do on any given weekend than most towns of our size. That can be attributed to the extraordinary number of talented people in our community. While the Commonweal Theatre prepares for its upcoming season kickoff with a preview of Mary’s Wedding on March 19, 2015.

A new offering is Idle Time Recreation’s Open Mic night on the first Friday of the month, 7:00-9:00 pm in the Loft at Beste Byen. Music, poetry and short stories have been much appreciated by the audience so far, with the promise of more to come every month as this event grows. Suggested $5.00 donation at the door, performers are encouraged to preregister. Snacks, coffee, tea and soft drinks are available for purchase, and guests may bring their own wine or beer.

The Lanesboro Community Theatre will be presenting ‘Almost, Maine‘ at the St. Mane Theatre on March 6th-8th, with a preview show at the Chatfield Center for the Arts on February 27-28. The cast and crew features many local residents, and truly showcases why Lanesboro has talent galore!

Join us for the weekend!


Dee Slinde

Lanesboro Area Chamber of Commerce