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Lanesboro Area Chamber of Commerce Mission Statement

  • To advance the civic, commercial, industrial, agricultural, cultural, environmental, and recreational interests of the City of Lanesboroand its residents.
  • To ensure cooperation among Lanesboro area businesses and community organizations.
  • To work to retain, expand, and develop beneficial Lanesboro area businesses.
  • To promote the Lanesboro area as a desirable place to live, work, visit, and operate a business. 

Lanesboro Area Chamber of Commerce Strategic Plan 

The Lanesboro Area Chamber of Commerce board of directors began the steps toward a strategic plan beginning in January 2011 at the chamber’s annual meeting.  We developed the major components of the plan partnering with Bill Geist from Zeitgeist Consulting at the 2011 board retreat.  We continued to refine the plan during special board meetings throughout 2011.  The results of that effort is our Strategic Plan Document.

The purpose of this document is to establish strategic direction that will guide LACC board decisions over at least the next five years along with specific tasks that support the direction chosen.  The board expects that this will be a living document that will evolve over time as we partner with other stakeholders in the community and learn from the initiatives set forth.

The chamber board needs all chamber members to embrace this plan, to partner with us, and offer feedback to evolve this plan in the coming years.

Website Information 

Website Profiler Instructions - step by step instructions on how to manage your business listing on

Style Sheet (PDF) - a reference tool to use when abbreviating words in your website business listing.


Public Right of Ways Ordinance

Sign and Historic Preservation Ordinances

Tree Ordinance

Junk Ordinance

Complete list of City of Lanesboro Code of Ordinances

Miscellaneous Chamber Forms 

Special Event Online Form (PDF)

Photo Release Form (PDF)

The Lanesboro Area Chamber of Commerce received the Certificate of Registration issued under the Copyright Office for the Lanesboro Bed & Breakfast Capital of Minnesota LOGO. Use this form (pdf) to request permission for use of the Lanesboro Logo.