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Waterfalls Hydropower

Waterfalls HydropowerHydropower is generated by capturing the energy of falling water. About 1 percent of Minnesota's electric power is homegrown hydro. According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Minnesota has more than 30 hydroelectric plants in the state.

Lanesboro’s Hydro-Electric Power Dam Waterfall

An article published in the Hartford Journal & Courier in 1889 boasted of Lanesboro, Minnesota, with the words, “There is not a better town of its size in the Northwest than Lanesboro….We have the finest water power on the Root River, building stone in unlimited quantities, good water, picturesque scenery, in fact everything to make this one of the most thriving cities in the state.” Source: Images of America, Lanesboro, Minnesota Historic Destination by Don Ward and Ted St. Mane.

Riverview Park contains an original 1868 stone dam that provides hydroelectric power to the town of Lanesboro. Electricity is generated from the hydro-wheel, or either of the diesel engines that are housed in the town’s utility plant. It is built out of 2.5’ thick limestone blocks, is 150’ across and 26' high. Maximum discharge is 16700 cubic feet per second. Lanesboro’s dam and hydro plant are ranked among the most historic in the entire United States.

Lanesboro’s hydro plant not only produces green energy, but also serves as a landing point for river recreation including fishing, canoeing, kayaking and tubing.  This is a great place to fish as the trout in our area like water that is well oxygenated from the dam. 

The gorgeous scenic backdrop is a photo opportunity you won’t want to miss!