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Celebrating Earth Day: Eagle Bluff Nature Preschool in Lanesboro, MN

Preschoolers at Eagle Bluff Nature Preschool
Preschoolers exploring and learning at Nature Preschool. Photo courtesy of Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center

April 22, 2024

🌿🌼 Connecting Little Explorers to the Natural World

As spring blossoms across the Driftless Area, there’s no better time to celebrate our beautiful planet. And what better way to do so than by exploring the wonders of nature with our youngest learners? Welcome to the Eagle Bluff Nature Preschool—a magical place where curiosity, play, and environmental education come together.

teacher and students outside at Eagle Bluff Nature Preschool
Teacher and students outside at Eagle Bluff Nature Preschool. Photo courtesy of Eagle Bluff ELC.

Why Choose Eagle Bluff Nature Preschool?

  1. Kindergarten Readiness with a Twist: Eagle Bluff’s Nature Preschool program is designed for children ages 3 to 5. They use environmental education as a powerful tool to support each child’s holistic development. From counting ladybugs to identifying bird calls, every moment is a learning adventure.
  2. Outdoor Exploration: While the day at nature preschool begins with breakfast and warms up in the classroom, the little explorers spend the bulk of their days outdoors, rain or shine. They explore the forests, prairies, ponds, and other natural areas at Eagle Bluff, while discovering the magic of nature firsthand.
  3. Meals & Gear Included: Nature preschoolers enjoy meals (breakfast, lunch, and snack) and have access to outdoor gear. No need to worry about packing lunches or rain boots.
  4. Flexible Scheduling: Eagle Bluff understands busy family lives. Their new flexible scheduling options accommodate more families. Plus, they’re conveniently located on a beautiful 250-acre campus just outside Lanesboro.
Preschoolers learning and exploring outside
Preschoolers learning and exploring outside. Photo courtesy of Eagle Bluff

What Makes Eagle Bluff Special?

  • Indoor & Outdoor Learning: Nature preschoolers have the best of both worlds. They gather in Eagle Bluff’s intentionally-designed indoor classroom as they arrive each morning, eat breakfast, gear up, and explore the outdoor classroom until lunch (including multiple nature playspaces). The great outdoors is their canvas for creativity.
  • Hands-On Discovery: From observing tadpoles in the pond to creating nature artwork, the little learners engage in hands-on activities that ignite their curiosity.
  • Located in the Driftless Area: Nestled in rural southeastern Minnesota, just a few miles from the historic town of Lanesboro, Eagle Bluff offers a unique setting for nature-based learning.
Preschoolers exploring outtside
Preschoolers explore campus and have fun learning outside! Photo courtesy of Eagle Bluff.

Enrollment & Application Process

  1. Apply Now: Enrollment for the fall of 2024 is open! Visit the Eagle Bluff website and fill out the application form.
  2. Site Visit (Optional): Schedule a site visit to explore their campus. Contact Colleen via email at or by phone at 507-467-2714.
  3. Secure Your Spot: Spots are limited and filled on a first-come, first-served basis.
  4. Complete Important Documents: Eagle Bluff will email you essential forms in early summer. These must be completed before the school year begins.
Preschoolers playing outside
Preschoolers can play in the Nature Playground which uses natural elements for fun. Photo courtesy of Eagle Bluff

Celebrating Earth Day Everyday!

At Eagle Bluff Nature Preschool, every day is Earth Day. Eagle Bluff nurtures a love for the outdoors, fosters environmental stewardship, and plants seeds of wonder. So, grab your rain boots, go exploring, and celebrate our beautiful planet together! 🌎🌱

For more information, visit the Eagle Bluff Nature Preschool website. 🍃