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5 Ways Kids & Families Can Discover Artistic Wonders in Lanesboro, MN!

Are you a parent or guardian looking for a family-friendly destination where your kids can explore the world of art in a welcoming and educational environment? Look no further than Lanesboro, Minnesota—where creativity knows no bounds, and artistic adventures await around every corner!

Nestled in the scenic Bluff Country of southeastern Minnesota, Lanesboro offers a warm and welcoming environment for families to discover the joys of art together. Here, you'll find a community that celebrates creativity and encourages kids of all ages to unleash their imagination.

Kids showing off their artwork in Lanesboro, MN
Kids showing off their artwork after an art class. Photo courtesy of Lanesboro Arts.

1. Immerse your family in the magic of art all around you in Lanesboro: a Living Arts Campus.

Spearheaded by Lanesboro Arts, the ‘campus’ is all of Lanesboro. It’s a layered and memorable experience integrated into the fabric of Lanesboro. Designed to connect to and enhance the existing natural beauty of the town, the Living Arts Campus is as much about design as it is about opportunity. Treat your kids to captivating performances that will spark their imagination and ignite their love for storytelling. Explore hands-on workshops and exhibitions at the Lanesboro Arts Center, where kids can unleash their creativity and express themselves through art.

Parent and child admiring a painting at Lanesboro Arts.
Parent and child admiring a painting. Photo courtesy of Lanesboro Arts.

2. Step into Lanesboro Arts charming exhibition and sales galleries and introduce your kids to the wonderful world of art.

Admire colorful paintings, whimsical sculptures, and unique handmade crafts created by local and regional artists. With friendly staff able to answer any questions you and your young ones might have, these galleries are the perfect place for kids to explore and learn.

Happy family standing outside of Stone Mill Inn & Suites in downtown Lanesboro
Happy family in historic Downtown Lanesboro. Photo courtesy of Stone Mill Inn & Suites.

3. Take a stroll through Lanesboro's historic downtown district and marvel at the timeless beauty of its architectural treasures.

Pop into shops that are fun for all ages, from fashionable new clothes to toys and trinkets for all ages, our shops will keep you kids engaged. Engage your kids with fun facts about the town's history and heritage as you admire charming Victorian homes and historic landmarks of Brooklyn, the quiet neighborhood on the south side of town where a number of our Old Lady Victorian era homes are located.  Many of which have been converted to Bed and Breakfasts for a charming stay. Let them use their imaginations to envision life in a bygone era by exploring hidden passageways and secret nooks and crannies of these old historic buildings.

Outside of Commonweal Theatre
Outside of Commonweal Theatre. Photo courtesy of Commonweal Theatre.

4. Repertory theatre means a double dose of theatrical excitement at the Commonweal Theatre.

Many theaters are moving away from this model due to its cost and difficulty, but the Commonweal's Artist/Administrator model lets them do the impossible (that’s what we do here in Lanesboro). As a theatre dedicated to exploring all forms of art and entertainment, not all the shows are good for all ages, but the Rep allows for you to ensure at least one family-friendly production and with lively performances, the theater promises an unforgettable experience for kids of all ages. Sit back, relax, and enjoy quality time together as you laugh, learn, and make lasting memories.

Sculptor Karl Unnasch opens a sand-block mold to unveil a Discover Sculpture Explore Lanesboro medallion.
Sculptor Karl Unnasch opens a sand-block mold to unveil a Discover Sculpture Explore Lanesboro medallion. Photo courtesy of Lanesboro Arts.

5. Embark on a scavenger hunt of artistic proportions with the Discover Sculpture Medallion Tour.

Challenge your kids to seek out 20 iron medallions scattered throughout the town, each telling a unique story about Lanesboro's history and culture. It's a fun and educational adventure the whole family can enjoy!

Families doing art together at the Art in the Park Festival in Lanesboro
Families doing art together at the Art in the Park Festival. Photo courtesy of Lanesboro Arts.

In Lanesboro, art isn't just for grown-ups—it's for kids too!

So pack your bags, gather your family, and embark on a journey of artistic discovery in this charming Midwestern town. With its welcoming atmosphere, educational opportunities, and endless adventures, Lanesboro is the perfect destination for families looking to explore the magic of creativity together!