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Lanesboro’s 5th Sun Gardens Hosts Former MN Governor Jesse Ventura to Promote Wellness Through Cannabis

5th Sun Gardens owner Luis Hummel addresses the crowd alongside Jesse Ventura
5th Sun Gardens owner Luis Hummel addresses the crowd alongside Jesse Ventura

June 20, 2024


On June 15th, former Minnesota Governor and pro-cannabis advocate Jesse Ventura made a special appearance in Lanesboro, MN at Parkway Place, located in the open lots on Parkway Avenue. The event promoted Ventura Farms, his new cannabis brand, and highlighted the contributions of 5th Sun Gardens, a local hemp farm and retail cannabis shop known for its organic practices and high-quality products.

Inside of 5th Sun Gardens store in Lanesboro, MN
Inside of 5th Sun Gardens store. Photo courtesy of 5th Sun Gardens.

About 5th Sun Gardens

5th Sun Gardens, nestled in the picturesque town of Lanesboro, MN, is a Native owned business and farm dedicated to sustainable and organic hemp farming. Founded by Luis Hummel, the farm has become a local staple and is part of Minnesota's Industrial Hemp Pilot Program. In addition to their farm operations, 5th Sun Gardens has a retail store located at 115 Coffee Street in downtown Lanesboro, offering a variety of hemp-derived cannabis products.

The store offers a range of hemp-derived cannabis products, including CBD oils, lotions, and other wellness items. As well as low-dose THC gummies, and drinks, hand-blown glass objects from local artisans and more items coming in every day, as various parts of prohibition are lifted. The farm produces high-quality hemp products using sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. Luis is a fixture in town and the farm and retail store are actively involved in the local community, contributing to the region's agricultural landscape and economy.

Jesse Ventura speaking on a microphone in Lanesboro, MN
Jesse Ventura speaking to the crowd in Lanesboro, MN

Jesse Ventura: A Multifaceted Advocate

Jesse Ventura, a Minnesota native, is a man of many talents. From his early days as a professional wrestler known as "Jesse 'The Body' Ventura" to his stint as Governor of Minnesota (1999-2003), Ventura has always been a prominent and outspoken figure.

Ventura gained fame in the 1970s and 1980s as a WWF star and later as a commentator before pivoting his career to acting. Ventura was elected as the Governor of Minnesota in 1998, running as a third-party candidate with the Reform Party, serving one term.

Ventura said on Saturday he was the first elected official in Minnesota to suggest an end to cannabis prohibition, his advocacy for cannabis legalization is deeply personal and stems from his wife's medical use of cannabis to manage her seizures. 

Ventura has long been a strong proponent of cannabis for medical purposes, citing personal experiences and scientific evidence. Arguing that the economic benefits of cannabis legalization, including job creation and tax revenue, are important to the long-term health of the state's economy. And, Ventura says, there is a real need for legal reform to address the disproportionate impact of cannabis prohibition on vulnerable communities.

Jesse Ventura speaks to a rapt crowd in downtown Lanesboro, MN
Jesse Ventura speaks to a rapt crowd in downtown Lanesboro, MN

Event Recap

The event provided an opportunity for attendees to meet Jesse Ventura and learn more about Ventura Farms and 5th Sun Gardens. Ventura told stories of his time in office, spitting on Carl Weathers boot in the Predator, filming movies with Arnold Schwarzenegger, and working with both parties to get things done in office.  He also talked about his new venture: Ventura Farms, where he is growing product and focusing on flavor first cannabis derived gummies. It offered insights into the cannabis industry, Ventura's advocacy efforts, and the innovative practices of 5th Sun Gardens. The engagement was well-received by the local community, with about 50 people in attendance, marking a successful and informative event on June 15th at Parkway Place in Lanesboro.


5th Sun Gardens contact info:

Address: 110 Coffee Street E, Lanesboro, MN 55949
Phone: (847) 626-8387