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Explore Beautiful Places & Spaces

Lanesboro is a designated arts campus, meaning the community works together to implement arts activities and keep an arts focus because our town holds the common belief that arts have the power to transform spaces and define communities. The coziness and charm of a slowed-down small town combined with the creativity of an arts community, Lanesboro is your destination for creating, crafting and making this winter.


Lanesboro Arts Gallery

Visit the Lanesboro Arts Gallery for its free art exhibition and shop everything from canvas to jewelry to clothing from local and regional artists.


Lanesboro Community Theatre

The second weekend in March, an amazing group of artists young and old(er) come together to put on a play at the historic St. Mane Theatre.


Discover Sculpture Explore Lanesboro 

Bundle up and get ready for an outdoor art and social studies adventure through Discover Sculpture Explore Lanesboro! Download the walking tour brochure, and walk around town to find these different medal medallions – made by local artists Karl Unnasch and Coral Lambert – depicting Lanesboro’s history and culture.


Poetry Parking Lot

Park just outside downtown at the bass pond (where County Highway 8 comes into downtown Lanesboro) to read and ponder parking lot poetry submitted by Lanesboro residents and visitors. Maybe you can write your own Haiku about Lanesboro after getting inspired.


Public Art Exploration 

Get immersed in beautiful places and spaces through public art exploration! Lanesboro features beautiful murals, some of which were painted by multiple community members under the guidance of artists.

  • The theatre district mural was installed in 2023 and sits on the side of the O’Koren Law Office. Walk down that alley and go behind the St. Mane Theatre to take in another mural that showcases the “colors of bluff country.”
  • Look up at the banners on the light poles to see art created to represent Lanesboro and its many facets including agriculture, arts, rhubarb and more.
  • Don’t forget to stop in the library to see an amazing mural that showcases some iconic Lanesboro buildings, businesses, history, and places.


Commonweal Theatre Company

Our live, professional theatre doesn’t host any live performances in January and February, but the season kicks off in March with apprentice capstone performances. The end of March is typically when the first play of the season previews. You don’t want to miss the chance to experience professional theatre and its thought-provoking storytelling at the Commonweal Theatre.


Live Music

Lanesboro hosts a multitude of singers, songwriters, and performers throughout the year.

Check out the calendars at High Court Pub, Sylvan Brewing, and Lanesboro Arts.


Cabin Fever Fest

The Cabin Fever Fest happens on the second weekend of March in Lanesboro and features a local artist showcase.

Subject to change. Check with each individual business/organization on hours and availability.

St Mane Theatre
Lanesboro Arts History