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Journey Through Time

Lanesboro is located in Fillmore County. Did you know that Fillmore County was once Minnesota’s most populous county until 1870? This agricultural community is rich with history, immigration stories, and family roots going back generations. We are fortunate to have our own Lanesboro Museum and other sites nearby.

  • Lanesboro History Museum is in the heart of downtown, right above the Root River. Typically open Thursdays–Mondays, you must take some time to view the many exhibits on our public school, immigrants, antique wedding dresses, and more! Plus, listen to stories from the telephone receiver in the old phone booth.
  • Fillmore County Historical Society Museum and Library is located just a short drive away in Fountain. Discover multiple exhibits and displays (WWII, geology, Oliver tractors, and more) or take the time to research family genealogy.
  • Drive 10 minutes to the Preston Historical Campus, and park at the trailhead to view the history of the Milwaukee Road rail that used to come through town. The site includes a 1902 grain elevator, boxcar, caboose, and motor car. Santa sometimes visits the train on a Saturday in December! Just across the river is the O’Hara School House.
  • Check out Peterson Station Museum and Visitor Center to explore the area’s past through historical memorabilia, photographs, and artifacts.
  • Take a 40-minute drive south to Decorah, Iowa, to explore Versterheim, a National Norwegian-American Museum and Folk Art School. Have the opportunity to create some art, learn about immigration in the United States, and relive history through artifacts and storytelling.

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Snowy winter house
Snowy winter house