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    Lanesboro native and nationally-recognized artist, Karl Unnash has created an engrossing permanent installation consisting of suspended found elements, interactive dioramas and vitrines that encompass the foyer, lobby and rest rooms of the Commonweal Theatre.

    Due to ongoing precautionary measures, please call first (507) 467-2525 before visiting.


    Gallery Image 2-skis-tobaggan-typewriter-violin-cue-crutch-and-snowb-1156x1500.jpg
    Gallery Image 3-greater-tuna-tackle-box-wall-3-opened-743x818.jpg
    Gallery Image 1-long-lobby-ceiling-shot2-1300x995.jpg
    Gallery Image 4-diorama-wall-3-1160x864.jpg
    Gallery Image 6-compleat-shakespeare-abridged-mailbox-wall-3-opened-659x1188.jpg
    Gallery Image 12-the-grandparent-690x924.jpg
    Gallery Image 30-mens-chalkboard-inside-778x584.jpg
    Gallery Image 36-donor-pantry-detail-closeup-986x740.jpg